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We match young entrepreneurs in primarily manufacturing sectors („High Tech Manufacturer“) with family owned and run companies from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

We focus on any kind of smart and tech manufacturing start-ups and small companies:

  • up to revenues of 5 Mio Euro (6 Mio $)
  • "normal" and high tech
  • "products you can touch" including industrial services (i.e. maintenance, security...) and software

This service created based on our experience in conducting our forums:


Our experience – based on more than 160  forums welcoming appr. 16,000 attendees - reveals very clearly that the German Mittelstand (medium sized family companies) is the most suitable investors for all types of manufacturing young companies (incl. cleantech, chemical, engineering, industrial IT, hardware appliances, metal, new materials, electronic, sensors, apparatus construction, automatisation, robotics….)!

Family Companies Characteristics:

  • Difficult to detect; rarely attending forums and event
  • Money is not a subject of discussion – discretion crucial
  • Only personal, face-to-face contacts

Advantage of Family Companies:

  • Profound technical understanding
  • Openminded being approached in relevant technologies
  • Quick decisions taken by the owner
  • Capacities in manufacturing and r&d
  • Support in marketing and senses
  • Fund available on owner and corporate level
  • Suitable national and international contacts
  • Further entrepreneurs could be involved informally

Our base

25 years of intense networking in more than 160 own forums with more than 16,000 attendees. Visitong more than 200 further forums. Huge network to relevant accountants, legal advisors, family offices, family foundations & Initiatives… working on behalf of family companies and representing particular families’ interests.

  • 600 family companies presenting in our forums
  • 950 attending our forums
  • 700 having met on further forums
  • 2,400 from newsletters, awards, biz magazines…
  • Strong Linkedin presence: appr. 27,000 first degree contacts


Start-up apply using the following form. Upon request we also publish your profile (public).

In addition we will approach family companies not (yet) registered in our platform, which appear being a nice fit. We are going to publish the start-up's profile on the site. On request we evaluate enquiries received.

This service is not limited until further notice.


  • Presentation in our forums
  • Membership in our Club of the Experienced


Euro 500